Design Collaboratory

The work that comes out of Mervil Paylor Design is a product of those of us who work here every day and also the many talented creative and technical people we collaborate with as needs arise. Please allow me to introduce some of the troops and extend a personal and public thank you for their help in making the work I do exponentially better.
Tammie Hunt
Tammie continues to actively collaborate with us, contributing her years of deep brand experience to our clients who need brand strategy development.
Mary Lou Goad
Mary Lou has been the office/business manager of Mervil Paylor Design for 15 years. She is the rudder, compass and voice of reason in our creative storm.
Led by owner Rob Norris, Vialogix has collaborated with us on numerous web-enabled applications and databases, as well as a variety of client websites. More than that, Rob and his staff have been patient mentors we transition from a dyed-in-the-wool print design studio to add web-based solutions to our mix.
Jane Siemens
Years ago, Jane and I were in high school together and later she worked on-staff at Mervil Paylor Design for several years. These days she has her own design firm and adds extra design and production muscle when we need it.
Melissa Stone
Melissa has written the copy for most of the major projects we have produced. To call her a copywriter doesn't begin to scratch the surface of her talents. She is a sounding board, reality check and conceptual thinker all rolled up in one.
Nancy Dorrier
President of Dorrier Underwood, Nancy is a leadership development resource that helps create a deeper vision for client strategies and helps us keep focused on our own business goals too.
Michael Mauney
We use a variety of photographers for a variety of different styles, but when we are looking for compelling editorial photography, Michael (who would never tell you, but he used to shoot for Life magazine where he had nine covers) is the first person we call.
Lisa Adams
Lisa is a flat-out perfectionist. When a project requires exquisite studio or set photography, she brings artistic precision to every job.
Lisa Weedman
Lisa is our consultant who helps us when client needs take us out of the world of Mac and into the world of PCs.
Beth Rudowske
Beth is one of that rare breed of people who has a capacity for proofreading. Documents that would put me in a coma, she gets a charge out of — ever searching for the errant comma.
Potina Direct
Potina Direct is a market leader in home furnishings and accessories with world-wide manufacturing resources. Everyone at Potina Direct has been extremely generous in sharing knowledge with us based on their experience in product design.
NAPCO and owner Rocky Proffit can make just about anything we can think up in the packaging and presentation arena, including albums, journals, portfolios and games.
Printers / Engravers / Programmers / Manufacturers
I am not fond of the term vendor. It sounds too much like a commodity. The people who turn our ideas into tangible products are craftsmen and we wouldn't even be in business without them. They make us look good year after year.
Mervil Paylor
I started Mervil Paylor Design in 1982. Since that time I have had the good fortune to work on thousands of design jobs with thousands of great people and I still love the work I do. I am truly fortunate.
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