Brand Design Services

1. Brand Research

Thorough Brand Research is essential in order for us to fully grasp the problem before we begin to create the solution. This research is the cornerstone of our practice of Informed Design.
1a: Interviews / Worksessions
One-on-one interviews with key stakeholders
Group worksessions
1b: Audits
Audit of competitors' communications
Audit of admired organizations' communications
Audit of existing client visual identity and materials
1c: Observations and Trends
Assess trends and buzz (hot topics) in the marketplace
Discover where people go to get their information
Determine what that information is that they want

2. Brand Strategy

Derived from the information obtained during Brand Research, The Brand Strategy defines the elements that will serve as the foundation of the brand.
2a: Essence
Heart and soul of your brand
2b: Promise
The brand's differentiating key benefit
2c: Attributes
Evocative traits/adjectives defining your brand's character
2d: Positioning
Defines your brand's objectives, tactics and direction
2e: Architecture
Hierarchy and relationships of entities within brand portfolio
2f: Key Messages
Top level marketing messages that convey primary benefits

3. Brand Identity

Translation of the Brand Strategy into carefully orchestrated visual and verbal elements that work together as a system.
3a. Name
Corporate, business units, products, services, programs, etc.
3b. Brandmarks
Logos, wordmarks, etc.
3c. Look and Feel
Color palette, imagery, type styles, motifs, etc.
3d. Tone of Voice
Your brand's verbal attitude

4. Applications Assessment

Determine current and future branding applications required to develop consistent, cohesive communications, marketing and product materials.
4a. Applications Audits
Identify and assess all client communications materials.
Identify delivery mechanisms and frequency of delivery
4b. Checklist
Create checklist and schedule for producing brand applications

5. Brand Applications

Representative examples of application types:
5a. Business Papers
Business cards
Letterhead and second sheet
Mailing label
Note card and envelope
5b. Business Templates, etc.
Letterhead template (Word)
Fax template (Word)
Presentation template (Powerpoint)
Email signature block
Corporate voicemail message
5c. Print Materials
Corporate overview brochure
Division brochures
Product brochures and spec sheets
White papers
Pocket folder
Direct mailing
Annual report
5d. Web
Web-based newsletters
Web-based email announcements
Web banners and ads
Product graphical user interface
5e. Brand Guidelines
Manual for internal and external design partners
5f. Human Resources
Employee manual
Orientation package
Intranet site
Benefits website
5g. Signage
Building/office identification
Office environment design
Fleet graphics
5h. Advertising
Trade journals
Trade show program ads
Belly bands on trade pubs (left in the rooms at major shows)
Recruitment ads
5i. Marketing
Press release
Trade show booth
Multimedia presentations
Meeting room/back room graphics
Invitations to visit the booth
Launch party for customers
Follow-up mailings after the shows
Sales training kit for new brand and new products
Branded promotional products

Product Design Services

1. Modicom Studios

We are developing a host of products to be distributed under our own brand.

2. Private Label

We also work with retailers to develop custom products that fit within their merchandise mix and brand concept.

3. Client Merchandising Programs

We develop merchandising programs for our clients' products that dovetail strategically and visually with their brands.